October 3, 2021 || 10:51 pm

Tyson Fury warns Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester isn’t big enough for both of us

Tyson Fury is currently prep’aring to face Deontay Wild’er agai’n in Las Vegas, but he’d one day like to fight at Old Trafford.

The curr’ent hero at Man’chester United‘s stadium is Cristiano Ronaldo and Fury has ‘joked that the city can’t cop’e with two sporti’ng super’stars.


“I have 2 figh’ts left [in the US”A], but I’d love to brin’g a world title fight back to Man’chester,” he told The Sun.

“It has alw’ays bee’n a dre’am of mine to fig”ht at Ol’d Tr’afford. The last fig’ht the’re was Eub’ank versus Benn in 1993 an”d that was massive.


“I’m really ha’ppy Ron’aldo‘s back at Old Traff’ord, but this town ain’t big eno’ugh for the bot”h of us!

“If I lived in Manch’ester, it would be a proble’m. But I’m an hou’r up the motorw’ay in More’cambe so he’s got plen’ty of dista’nce.”


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