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Ukraine vs France football match. highlight

Farewell to the European Championship with the favorite badge. At the end of that chapter of despair, he stumbled back to pick the World Cup. France could not overcome the bad times again. Ukraine defeated the world champions in a very competitive match.

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Ukraine vs France football match highlight…



The Group D match in the European World Cup qualifier on Saturday night ended in a 1-1 draw. Antonio Martial equalized after Mykola Shaparenko’s goal gave Ukraine the lead.

Killian Mbabane out due to injury. The coach put Karim Benzema on the bench to rest. France suffered an attack in the first half. Real Madrid star Benzema could not avoid the loss of the team even though he came on the field in the second half.


France took 16 shots for the goal with more than 60 percent of the ball in possession, five of which were on target. And Euro quarter-finalists Ukraine had three goals in eight shots.


After a tiebreaker defeat against Switzerland in the last 16 of the Euros, the country’s team fell to Bosnia-Herzegovina in the first match on Wednesday and drew 1-1. This time they finished the match in the same way.


In the first round of the selection, Ukraine stuck France in the same scoreline at home.

Although France were ahead in possession from the start of the match in Kiev, the two teams were equal in attack. Ukraine lost two easy chances in the 35th minute. Yarmolenko’s volley goalkeeper Ugo Loris returned and Ilia Jabarni got a loose ball and flew from six yards out.

Marseille got the goalkeeper alone in the 44th minute. He tried to send the ball into the net by melting the gap between the legs of the opponent, but Andri Pyatov stopped him by bending down.


From there, Ukraine launched a counter-attack. Yaremchuk cut back from the byline, losing to defender Presnell Kimpembe with great speed with the ball on the right side. Kurt Zuma couldn’t clear it properly, getting the ball out of the D-box and finding the address with a bullet speed shot at the first touch.


In the fifth minute of the second half, the French returned to equality with a touch of good luck. The ball hit the head of a teammate and fell on Marseille’s feet. His shot was always with the goalkeeper, but Pyatov messed up and the ball went over the goal line.


Benzema, who replaced Marseille in the 67th minute, created an opportunity 10 minutes later. Musa Diabi was cut back after getting his teammate’s pass in the D-box. But the Bayer Leverkusen forward was disappointed to hit the post from the gap.
France has lost three points in five World Cup qualifiers. However, they are at the top of the group with 9 points from two wins and three draws.

Finland in two with 5 points in three matches. So are Ukraine’s points, which have drawn all five matches, they have three.


Bosnia and Kazakhstan equal 2 points.

The Netherlands beat Montenegro 4-0 in the Group G match with a pair of goals from Memphis Depay. Turkey won 3-0 in Gibraltar.

At the end of five rounds, the Turks are at the top with 11 points. The Netherlands with 1 point less.



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