June 25, 2021 || 9:29 am

Uruguay vs Bolivia football match highlight.


At first let’s see vs Bolivia football match highlight all goal and extended…


The most successful team in the Copa America is Uruguay. They have won the title a maximum of 15 times in the oldest international tournament in football. But after winning the last title in 2011, Oscar Tabarez’s team could not make it to the last four. Today, after beating Bolivia 2-0, this time Uruguay has taken the last eight place. However, Luis Suarez-Edinson Cavani have made it to the last eight.


Uruguay lost 1-0 to Argentina in their first match of this year’s Copa America. In the second match, Suarez or Cavani did not get a goal despite drawing 1-1 with Chile. Uruguay’s equalizer was a suicide by Arturo Vidal of Chile. The first goal in today’s 2-0 win over Bolivia was also suicidal. However, Cavani scored the second goal of the team in the 79th minute.


Uruguay have been trying to play offensive football from the start against Bolivia. However, the Suarez-Cavani combination of attacks did not spread panic in Bolivia’s defense. In the meantime, Uruguay created some good chances, but they did not turn into goals due to Cavani-Suarez’s random football.


Uruguay got a chance to go ahead in the 4th minute of the match. But Cavani could not score even after getting the goalkeeper alone. Cavani also got such an easy opportunity in 11, 20 and 27 minutes. But sometimes he hits the ball directly into the goalkeeper’s hand, sometimes outside the post again. Suarez could not score even after getting the goalkeeper alone.


In this way, Uruguay got the goal in the 40th minute in the middle of the ‘festival’ of missing the chance to score a goal. Cavani’s shot was blocked by Bolivian goalkeeper Carlos Lampe. Uruguay’s second goal came in the 79th minute. Cavani got the ball into the box from the left edge of Fakundo Torres’ cross. This time, however, the Manchester United striker did not make a mistake.


Uruguay have secured the last eight with 4 points in 3 matches. Bolivia, which did not get any points from 3 matches, has almost been eliminated from the tournament.

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