October 8, 2021 || 11:51 am

US Judge Recommends Dismissing Rape Case Against Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

The judge blam’ed the lawyers of the wo’man — who has fil:ed a ra’pe case — for the mo:ve, saying they had: b:ased their case o:n leaked comm:unications between Cristia’no Rona’ldo and ‘his legal team, wh’ich were privileged.


A magistrate jud’ge in N’evada has sided with Cris’tiano Ron’aldo’s lawyers against a wo’man who sued the footbal’ler after saying he raped he’r in La’s Vegas in 2009.

In a scat:hing rec:ommendation to the judge hearing the c’ase, magistrate judge Da:niel Albregts on Wed:’nesday blamed Kathryn Mayo:rga’s att:orney, Leslie Mark Stovall, for basi:ng the case on leaked and stolen documents that Albregts said were priv:ileged commun:ications bet::ween Ronaldo and his lawyers.

“Dismi’ssing May’orga’s case for the inap’propriate cond’uct of her attor’ney is a ha’rsh result,” Albregts wrote in his ‘ to Jud’ge Jennifer Dorsey. “But it is, unfo”rtunately, the only appropriate sanct’ion to ensure the integrity of the judi’cial process.”

A date for Dor’sey to ta’ke up Albregt’s ‘recom’mendation was not immedi’ately set’. “Stovall has acted in bad’ fai’th to ‘his client’s and his prof’ession’s detri”ment,” Albr’egts decided.


Ronaldo’s atto’rney in Las Vegas, Peter Christia’nsen, issued a statement say’ing the player’s legal team was “ple’ased with the court’s detailed rev’iew … and its willingness to ju’stly apply the law to the facts and rec’o’mmend dismis’sal of the civil case against Mr Ron’aldo.”


Mayorga gave cons’ent through Stovall and attorney Larissa Drohob’yczer t’o make her name public.

Albregts noted the cou’rt made no decision that Ron”aldo committed a crime and found no evidence his attorneys a’nd representatives “intimidated Mayo’rga or impeded law enforcem’ent” when Mayorga dropped crim’inal charges and finalized a $375,000 confidential settlement in Aug’ust 2010.

Ronaldo has den’ied Mayorga’s claims. “I fir’mly deny the accusations being issued against me,” he said in October 2018. “Rape is an abominable cri’me that goes against every’thing th’at I am and believe in.”

In 2019 prose’cutors in Las V’egas said Ronaldo will not face any criminal charges ov’er the allegations. “Bas’ed upon a review of the inform’ation prese’nted at this time, the alle’gations of sexual assault against Cristiano Ron’aldo cannot be pro’ven bey’ond a reaso’nable d’oubt. Therefore, no charges wil’l be fort’hcoming,” Clark cou’nty distri’ct att’orney Steve Wolfson said in July 2019.

Ronaldo is one of the ‘ fam’ous athletes in the w’orld. The 36-year-old is a 5 time w’inner of the Ballon d’Or, a’n annual award for the best footballer in the world. He started his career at Sporting Lisbon before winning tit’les wit’h Manch’ester Uni’ted in England, Real Mad’rid in Spain and Juventus in Italy. He is also a nat’ional hero in Port’ugal, an’d led his country to the European Championship title in 2016.


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