August 6, 2021 || 8:17 am

Video of 2 young women in Vietnam taking a bath is viral

Watch the video of what happened when two beautiful young women came to bathe in a forest in Vietnam.

Let’s see video¬† of two girl bath in jungle…


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Girlfriend’ didn’t even get a chance to wear clothes for fear..


Dhaka’s actress Parimani has been very unwell for the last few days. He came live and started shouting when members of the law enforcement force surrounded him in front of his house in Dupur today.


At the time, she was so terrified that she didn’t even get a chance to wear any other clothes. Parimani came to Facebook Live from her home on Wednesday afternoon and said that some unknown persons had come to her door.


Who are introducing themselves as people in the administration. After a short stay in L’Eve, one of his colleagues dressed him. “I don’t know why,” she said.


I don’t know what’s going on. You do not care? Jama de. ‘ The campaign is said to have started after noon tea.


Khandaker al-Moin, the commander-in-chief of the RAB’s Legal and Media Wing, said the operation was being carried out at his home on specific allegations. Detailed information will be released at the end of the campaign.


“I’ve been scared to death since the beginning,” she said. Someone wants me to be a mother. What would I do if someone came in with a police identity and came to kill me?


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