September 17, 2021 || 4:15 pm

Villagers say Cristiano Ronaldo may have quit because fans could see into his BEDROOM !

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sudden decision to move out of his lux’ury country mansion may have been caused by his’ realisa’tion that fans could see directly into his….bedro’om.

Since the return’ing Man Unit’ed megas’tar mov’ed into the wealthy Cheshire village just over a week ago, doz’ens of fans ‘had been flocki’ng to it hopin’g to catch a glimpse of him.


And by clamb’ering over a gate into a nearby field, supp’orters were able to get a perfect view into the seven-bed’room mans’ion where he was livin’g with stu’nning partner Georgina Rodgriguez, 27, inclu:ding seein’g into the ‘master bedroom.


Ronaldo is thought to have t’aken the decision to move out after such spying seeing fans outs’ide and realising th’:at they would be able to watch if he were to perform as athleti’cally with Georgina as he had when he scored twi’ce on his debut at Old Tra’fford on Satu’rday.


The 36-year-old had alrea’dy reportedly been unha’ppy about the noise from she’ep bleat’ing in a field close to his luxu’ry ho’me over the weekend and fans looking in was the la’st straw, it’s thou’ght.


One local told us: ‘If you know where to go you can see right into the Ronaldo house even the bedro’om. And fans’ had started to work it out. I think he would have seen them watch’ing him.’


Reside’nts in the leafy village say fans flock’ed to get a glimpse of the hero when it was known he was stayin’g there’


Reside’nt and local artist Jessica Owen said the amount of traffic had increa’sed markedly since Ronaldo moved there and ma’ny were fans who were hoping to see him.


She said: ‘The house is visi’ble from the road. It’s in a dip and r’iders on horseb’ack are so high up, they can see rig’ht into the bedro’oms because the windo’ws are so big.


‘I’ve also seen Manc”hester United fans getti’ng out of cars and walking in the field’s at the side of the house.


‘I think secu’rity might ‘has been a worr’y too. Sinc’e he’s been here there has been a lot more’ traffic on the lane.’


‘His staff wo’uld drive up and down, and also ‘fans, who had worked out whe’re he was livi’ng, would come to have a look.’


The proble’m over noise from sheep was however just a one off. It’s underst’ood ‘that a farmer had rounde’d up his flock of shea’rling ewes in a meadow close to the star’s seven-bedroom property to keep them safe wh’en a charity horse-riding event took plac’e. The move made them bleat louder and nearer the house.


A local source said: ‘There have been sheep grazing on that land for years. The owner rears shearlings which he then sells to breeders.


‘On Sunday because of the charity horse-riding event, he put the sheep in the field next to Ronaldo’s house to keep them out of the way.



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