June 19, 2021 || 10:03 pm

Watch highlight Hungary Vs France! Hungry Hungary stopped France.

In the previous match, the team had fought against Portugal for 80 minutes. That day, Cristiano Ronaldo could no longer stand in front of a superhero. Ronaldo’s two goals in the last ten minutes helped Portugal win the match 3-0.


Watch highlight Hungary vs France 1-1…


But Hungary was hungry for at least one point from the death knell of France-Germany-Portugal in the Euros. Hungry Hungary caused a small incident in the euro today! France could not win in front of them today.


The nature of the incident was expected to get bigger up to 65 minutes. Possession of the ball in the match, the opportunity to score was ahead of France. But the French were the first to fall behind in support of the 100 per cent full gallery at the Ferenc Puskas Stadium in Budapest.


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