March 23, 2021 || 10:45 pm

Watch the Ronaldo’s dancing video

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Social media is a medium where one or another video goes viral all the time.


A video goes viral very quickly if it is a familiar face video or everyone knows him.


And that video goes viral more quickly if it belongs to a footballer, because the game of football is popular with everyone. Football is the only sport in the world whose spectators are at the top of all sports.


Can’t believe it? Then let’s see for ourselves the video of some of our favorite Ronaldo moments when he is dancing with joy.


Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo are the three stars of the football world. All the talk of current football surrounds them. They are constantly fighting to break records.

Two of these three have birthdays on February 5. They are Ronaldo and Neymar. Ronaldo and Neymar’s birthday is on February 5.


On this 5th day, Neymar is 26 years old and Ronaldo is 33 years old.


This time Messi’s name is in the discussion with them. Who has achieved what in his football career till the age of 26? And in that case, the Brazilian star Neymar is ahead.

At age 26, he has won two La Liga titles and a Champions League title for the club.

Neymar’s international achievements are also not less. In 2013, Neymar won the FIFA Confederations Cup.


Without further ado, Watch the Ronaldo dancing video।



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