June 26, 2021 || 12:16 pm

Watch video,How many goals has Ronaldo scored against any country?

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is still dominating international football. He has scored the most goals for the country in the last match against France in the current Euro Cup by scoring two goals.

Former Iranian striker Ali Daiir holds the record for most goals (109) for the country in international football. Next to him is Ronaldo’s name.

Portugal will play against Belgium in the last 16 of the Euro Cap. If he scores a goal in this match, he will surpass Ali Dairy..


He scored his first goal in international football in 2004. That match against Greece was in the Euro Cup. The last two goals in the beginning of the Euro Cup. He has scored 5 goals so far in the current edition. He has scored 2 goals against Hungary, 1 against Germany and 2 against France.

Let’s see how many goals Ronaldo has against any country.


Number of goals



Argentina, Croatia, Ecuador, Finland, Ghana, Greece, Iceland, Iran, Morocco, Germany, Wales, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, Poland, Panama, North Korea, Israel and New Zealand.



Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cameroon, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and France.


Belgium, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Russia, Spain and Switzerland.


Estonia, Faroe Islands and the Netherlands.



Armenia and Latvia,


Andoa, Hungary and Luxembourg.


Lithuania and Sweden.

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