September 19, 2021 || 10:44 pm

West Ham Vs Manchester United football match highlight.

After returning to the old address, Cristiano Ronaldo found the net again. However, Manchester United was in danger of losing points. Jesse Lingard made the difference at the end of the transfer. Despite falling behind against West Ham United, Ule Gunnar Sulshar’s team left the field with the joy of a great victory.


Manchester United won the Premier League match 2-1 at the London Stadium on Sunday afternoon local time. David De Heao made a big contribution to the team’s victory by saving a penalty at the last minute.

Old Trafford’s 29-match winning streak was further enhanced by the record for most unbeaten matches in the Premier League.

Manchester United took 16 shots for the goal with 61 percent of the ball in possession throughout the match, with 10 goals. West Ham had 4 goals in 13 shots.


United, who lost 2-1 in the first leg of the Champions League last Wednesday against the Young Boys, struggled to make a clear start. In the sixteenth minute, they were in danger of forgetting Harry Maguire. Defender Aaron One-Bisca saved the team by blocking a shot by West Ham forward Jared Bowen.


United could have gone ahead in the 26th minute. The ball from the corner hit the head of one of the opponents and fell in front of Bruno Fernandez. The Portuguese midfielder’s shot touched the goalkeeper’s hand and hit the post.
Three minutes later, West Ham went ahead with a lucky goal. Saeed Benrahma’s shot from outside the D-box could have been scored by goalkeeper Barabar, but Rafael Varane was caught in the net. There was nothing to do but stare, De Hare …


The joy of the hosts moving forward, however, did not last long. Ronaldo equalized five minutes later. Portuguese forward Flick Fabianski’s great flick on Fernandez’s cross from the right side could not save the danger in the first half. The five-time best footballer of the year sent the ball back to the net.


After returning to Old Trafford in the second half, Ronaldo found the net in the first three matches. Where his goals are four. He scored the team’s only goal against the Young Boys in the Champions League after scoring a pair of goals against Newcastle United in the Premier League to make his ‘second debut’.
Ronaldo got another chance before the break. Fabianski returned his shot from Mason Greenwood’s pass. At the beginning of the second half, another attempt of Ronaldo came forward and he blocked it with great skill.


Then the speed of the game decreases a bit. In the 85th minute, United entered the D-box with the ball and Ronaldo fell due to the obstruction of the opposing player and United strongly appealed for a penalty. However, the referee did not respond.


With one minute left in the allotted time, Lingard, who replaced Pogba in the second half, led the visitors. Nemanya Matic’s pass was found in the D-box and he found the address with a powerful right-footed shot between the two players. The team digested the goal against the Young Boys at the last minute.
Of course, there is still drama. The referee whistles a penalty with the help of VAR if the ball hits the D-box at the added time. Mark Noble came on as a substitute to take the spot-kick. However, he could not bring points to West Ham.


He shot his shot to the left and blocked it with one hand. The Manchester team is overjoyed.

Manchester United are two with 13 wins in four wins and one draw in five matches. Liverpool topped the goal difference with equal points.

In another match, Brighton and Hove Albion beat Leicester City 2-1 with 12 points.




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