September 24, 2021 || 7:30 pm

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo move house? Manchester United star’s Cheshire mansion change explained

The striker has had to s’witch mansions because of sec’urity concerns – despite rum’ours noisy sheep were to blame.


Cristiano Rona’ldo’s ret’urn to Manchester United h’as gone smoothly on the pi’tch, but there have been a few hiccup’s off it, with the superstar striker forced to move house again a’fte’r his first mansion in the no’rth west was unsui’table.

Ronaldo, who made a sens’ational return to Old Trafford’ at the end of August, scored i’n each of his first three games ‘in since arriving back at United and’ looks to have galvanised the clu’b around him.

However, there ha’ve been significant issues off the p’itch for Ronaldo to deal with si’nce moving back to England rega’rding his house – although not e’verything is quite as has been rep”orted elsewhere.

Why has Cristiano Ronaldo moved house?

Ronaldo has had’ to move house since his retu’rn to Manchester because the garden of h’is first property could be overl’ooked by neighbouring prop’erties, which United felt constitu’ted a security risk for their star player.



While quaranti’ning in England following his m’ove from Juventus, Ronaldo maint’ained his fitness by training at hom’e. How’ever,’ United discover’ed that his garden could be seen b’y passers-by, which could have comp’romised his privacy or put his sa’fety at risk.

Did noisy sheep force Cristiano Ronaldo to move?

Well, The Sun claim’ed the five-time Ballon d’Or w’inner was unhappy at his origi’nal seven-bed, £3 million mansion bec’ause of nearby sheep baai’ng and keeping him awake. Unite’d sources have, however, confir’med that this is not true.

The idea of Ron’aldo being irked by livestock has bee’n a source of mirth, though, n’ot least to one of his former tea’m-mates, ex-United defender ‘ internet pran’kster Patrice Evra.

Evra posted a biza’rre clip on Instagram and Twitter showing him sailing a bo’at filled with sheep, with the capt’ion: “Don’t worry bro, I’m mo’ving my sheep far away from yo’ur house.”


Where does Cristiano Ronaldo live now?

Ronaldo has mov’ed into a new property in Ches’hire, which is owned by former Unit’ed striker Andy Cole.

Ronaldo’s part’ner Georgina Rodriguez and his four chil’dren have now join’ed him, and they are now fina’lly look’ing to settle down.

Where did Cristiano Ronaldo live before?


According to reports, the Po’rtugal captain’s home was sit’uated in the hills above the Gr’an Ma’dre de Dio in the heart of Turin an’d, as you might expect, it is acce’ssible only via a priv’ate roa’d.

Privacy is clear’ly a key consideration for Ron’aldo and the buildings are shiel’ded from prying eyes through lush lea’ves of the trees and vegeta’tion w’hich is dotted around the pro’perty.

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