March 25, 2021 || 2:06 pm

Without Messi, Barcelona is useless

Barcelona can not go without Lionel Messi!

This is the most heard word in the last few seasons in the analysis of the Messi-dependence of Barcelona.

The same goes for the Argentine national team, not just Barcelona.

At one time Messi-Neymar-Suarez’s triphala attack was part of Bar্সa, but Barca was still looking for Messi for creativity and attack-making (play-making).


Especially after Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta left the club, the Catalan club became very dependent on Messi.

The coach has changed, the season has changed, but Messi was the same in scoring and scoring goals.


Messi’s lack of form may also be a big reason for Barca to thrive under Ronald Koman this season.


But the words about Messi-dependence are probably not to the liking of former Argentina goalkeeper Hugo Gatti. According to him, if Messi does not play, Barcelona will win!


Gatti has been discussed many times before by criticizing Messi. Some criticisms, of course, are contradictory in the eyes of many.

Rumors of Messi’s departure from Barcelona this summer have been rife, with Messi saying he must go to Real Madrid to prove himself the best of all time.


But just days after the death of Argentine legend Diego Maradona, he said again in December, “Messi is at the bottom of my list of the top 10 players of all time.


“Messi disappears all the time in the big match,” Gatti said in criticism of Barcelona’s defeat to Real Madrid in El Clাসsico in March last year.

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