Green construction essence and principles

Caring for the environment has already become a very popular trend in the construction sector. Houses that not only do not affect natural “health”, but themselves are able to generate energy for their life in their life, but appeared in Europe and America. A similar technology has come to us. Let’s look at its principles in more detail.

Green construction: essence and principles

Actually, green construction is an attempt to both save existing resources and make accommodation in houses more comfortable and safe. Healthy. The main task of such technologies is an attempt to build such buildings that do not spend extra resources throughout their lives: from the choice of a site for its construction, to the very construction of the building. Moreover, even repairs and demolition should be economical.

Another goal is to improve quality, with. T.Zr. comfort, durability, wear – and the repair resistance of such buildings. Minimization of their influence on the nature and health of human in any sense: from the use of environmentally friendly materials to reducing the cost of heating and optimization of water consumption.

In addition, green construction takes care of the fate of future generations, maintaining nature and improving the habitat, due to the minimum intervention to it.

Green construction: materials and technologies

It is not strange, but most of the technologies of green construction have very old roots. For example, it allows you to save electricity, by location of the house to the cardinal points so that the windows are as much as possible on the sunny side. There are a lot of natural materials in such houses – wood, stone.

Another feature of such houses is the maximum autonomy through the use of autonomous sources of renewable energy: solar batteries, wind generators, accumulators of heat allocated by the house and t. P. Wastewater in such quarters undergo a multi -level cleaning system and, as a rule, can be re -used for technical purposes.

When designing such buildings, their intervention in the environment is taken into account, as well as the possibility of replenishing it by landscaping and active landscaping of the territory.

Thus, the situation is created when:

resources for the construction and operation of the building are saved as possible. Houses can “maintain” themselves

accommodation and work in such buildings is very comfortable and absolutely safe for health, which increases the standard of living and labor as a whole

This approach requires a large number of high -tech technologies, which will give an impetus to the development of both the industry and science as a whole.

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