How to choose and install bio fireplaces in the house

Bio-stone, differ from the traditional type of fireplaces with the use of liquid fuel, a special variety of ethanol instead of wood. The benefits of such a replacement are obvious. First of all, it is the prevention of contamination by combustion products, when the fireplace itself, using biofuel, emits only a small amount of carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Therefore, does not require the installation of a chimney in the room. The only thing that does not stop doing in a room with an installed biofamine is to regularly ventilate the room. In choosing a bio-stone model, you can focus on the selection of a very small model, or the selection of a sample in size not inferior to a large, classic fireplace.

The choice of a bio-stone model

The cheapest miniature fireplaces will cost from one and a half to two and a half thousand rubles. A larger fireplace of a little-known manufacturer costs hundreds of dollars, and when you try to buy a brand model of a bio-stone, you should prepare for expenses at times by big.

The final choice depends on our prosperity and taste, the required flame size, taking into account the area of ​​the room. Operating costs. The fireplace fireplace, unfortunately, is more expensive in maintenance than traditional fireplaces. Currently, it should be calculated from the fact that a liter of biofuel provides up to several hours, admiring the flame and will cost about two hundred rubles.

Operating costs

The time for which so much fuel is enough depends primarily on the size of the hearth. A small bio-fireplace will burn for a long time. The large hearth will be much “more gluttonous” in fuel consumption and burning time will be reduced to two hours. People who decided to establish a fireplace, first of all, are aimed at obtaining a special atmosphere of home comfort inherent in rooms with foci.

The fireplace was created for this purpose – convenient and extremely simple. Bio -ams do not make strict requirements for installation, so we ourselves can solve and choose the most suitable place for them to create a harmonious and impressive design that will cause admiration, even if the fire does not burn.

As a source of heat

Bio-fireplace as a heat source. Constantly using fireplace heating on biofuel, this is not the best economical solution, although to some extent possible. Despite the overall security, the bio -amin still burns out oxygen in the room, which with prolonged use in the airtight room can be dangerous.

At the same time, it is a good solution for the fast heating of the room, for example, with a cool autumn evening. When acquiring a bio-stone, it is better to abandon the purpose of replacing it of a heating system-by choosing a traditional fireplace or gas boiler for this.

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