How to get rid of the old water -repellent wallpaper

Wallpaper gluing is perhaps one of the most simple types of repair work and in most cases the owners of the apartment or house perform it on their own. But for many, the problem arises – how to quickly and correctly get rid of old wallpaper and prepare the surface of the walls for gluing new. Removing old paper wallpapers is not difficult. Everyone knows that first they need to be moistened with water using a sprayer or sprayer for flowerpots. Then wait a bit while the water is absorbed, if necessary, repeat the wetting procedure and carefully pick up the edge of the canvas, remove the old wallpaper from the wall.

But what to do when you need to get rid of old waterproof wallpaper? Simple wetting with water will not work, because they are waterproof, in order to repel and do not absorb moisture.

Do not despair, there is a way. It is quite simple and no less effective. First you need to partially remove the water -repellent layer from waterproof wallpaper. This can be done using a metal ruff or drill with a special nozzle for cleaning metal from rust. After the upper waterproof layer is removed, the old water -repellent wallpapers should be moistened in the same way and remove as well as ordinary paper wallpapers.

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