How to increase the comfort of a business class

It is generally accepted that business class housing is characterized by increased comfort, and a large number of housing under construction bring down this definition. However, at the moment, the share of such real estate is small – about 30%. However, these figures are growing-the well-being of residents is being improved, the requirements are increasing-as a result, builders are forced to build more housing of increased comfort, for example, residential area of ​​Novo-Sergievo.

Are there any criteria for determining the category of increased comfort? Yes, and there are a lot of them.

The first is the location of the house. This can be the city center, another prestigious area with homogeneous development and transport accessibility. The second is the quality of construction, decoration and use of modern equipment. This also includes convenient layout, large kitchens and bathrooms, high ceilings, guarded parking or built -in garage. In addition, the house or residential complex should be technically equipped, have autonomous communal networks, round -the -clock protection and comfortable adjacent territories with playgrounds and good lighting.

However, housing of increased comfort can be located not only in prestigious areas. It is no secret that many select an apartment either in the area where they were born and raised, or closer to the place of work. In this case, the prestigious area is not as important as the convenience of the apartment and its location. Among buyers and owners of housing of increased comfort are young specialists, adult children or elderly relatives of wealthy people. Also, parts of cases when such housing is bought by people with a small income for money, proceeds from the sale of two of their apartments.

As for the cost, the square meter of increased comfort in the new building is more expensive than the “square” in the secondary market or in new buildings just lower than the class. Sometimes the cost reaches the lower bar of elite housing and even slightly exceeds, if the object does not “reach” to the status of an elite. Prices for such housing are rising in the same way as prices for the so -called mass residential real estate.

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