How to paint a heating radiator

Why should he paint the heating radiator in the apartment? Only for aesthetic considerations, since radiators for the entire period of their service are practically not corroded. However, the appearance of the heating radiator is able to significantly affect the appearance of the apartment, therefore, sooner or later everyone has to face painting.

Before painting the radiator, it will be necessary to prepare its surface. If he was already painted, remove the old paint with a flush. The presence of a construction hair dryer during this rather hard work will significantly accelerate the process. After removing the old paint, dry the radiator, fog it and degrease it. The next stage is a primer. We strongly do not recommend neglecting it, since without it the paint on the radiator is unlikely to last a long time. Take the purchase of a primer with attention, as it should be suitable for metal surfaces.

Apply paint to the radiator evenly. For this, the spray gun is best suited. Its use will also allow you to apply a very thin coating, which will provide good heat transfer of the battery in winter. Experienced masters advise to apply paint in two layers: this guarantees the stability of the coloring of the batteries. If you wish, you can paint the batteries on the one hand, but it will not look very aesthetically pleasing.

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