How to repair the ceiling after flooding

It was not lucky if the neighbors do not just love water procedures from above, but considers themselves real water inhabitants, and real “home seas” are arranged, accustoming their neighbors from below to abundant ceiling sediments. It is worth noting that at present there are a lot of ways to hold them accountable, but we are not talking about them, but about how to restore its former attractiveness to the ceiling surfaces to the ceiling surfaces. If you used suspended ceilings for finishing, then you are lucky. Stretch ceilings in Bryansk can be ordered on the Bryansk-Potolki portal. . From the very beginning, it is worth deciding on the ceiling, what is it – painted, plastered, white, wallpaper, and it is suspended, stretch, drywall, rack, panel or self -adhesive. Almost all of these coating, with the exception of a stretch ceiling, the onslaught of water from the “beloved” neighbors from above will not withstand. Annoying, but even a very small flood on the top floor will lead to spoilage of all other decorative layers given above on the ceiling below. Most of the surfaces after drying acquires an ugly, as a rule, a dirty yellow tint, as well as a very “original pattern” – exclusive stains.

If the moisture on the ceiling is not dried, as well as if the flood was too large, then a mold fungus will appear on the ceiling plane, which will only grow and get rid of it will be incredibly difficult, in this case we are talking about simple stripping and staining does not go. A similar development of events can also happen if the water and moisture remains on the internal structures of the panel or rack ceiling. Outwardly, everything will look quite safe for itself, but inside the fungus will flourish, which will ultimately begin to destroy this finishing material and break out to freedom.

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