Interior combined solutions

Modern ideas about housing design are somewhat different from the traditional idea of ​​the style. Traditionally style – following a certain line in the whole house or apartment. This obliges to bring all the premises to a certain common form, which is created by the details of the finis and characteristic features – color, materials, forms. Modern housing design intends to pay more attention to amenities and functionality, but only after starting the development of stylistics and aesthetics. This is the requirement of the time that turned out to be very convenient for customers and project executors.

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Space is organized by zones. For example, a recreation area, a common family zone, guest, children’s, household, dining room. At the same time, the characteristic purpose of the rooms gradually lose the previous meaning. In a specific performance, the living room and dining room cease to be only premises to receive guests or meals. In our traditions in the dining room, a separate place is occupied by a kitchen, which is given a common value. It becomes almost a dining room, in addition, in some families the cuisine turns out to be a place of a common evening fence. It is quite possible to take into account such trifles when designing, since even typical projects leave enough freedom to make their own decisions.

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