The bulk floor is worth choosing as a floor covering

The thickness of the decorative liquid floor ranges from 1.5 millimeters to 2.5 millimeters. To install it, it is necessary to have a perfectly smooth base, in advance cleaned, wiped, low -fat and dried. The service life of the decorative liquid floor is about twenty years. Therefore, once a created drawing with a brand can advertise your company for many years for free, and the effectiveness of this type of advertising is much superior to media and outer.

There is no doubt in the excellent quality of liquid floors. This is confirmed by the positive reviews of customers who ordered such a coating, they were very satisfied and now advise to do exactly their friends and tell them about all the advantages of bulk floors.

Therefore, when thinking about a new flooring for your apartment, pay special attention to the decorative bulk floor, since it is quite easy to remove it in both dry and in a humid way, it is quite aesthetic, unique and reliable.

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