What to do if the double -glazed window crashes?

Sometimes it happens, one hundred glass packets, the power of some reasons breaks up, then what to do? Do not be discouraged, there is nothing wrong with that, everything is fixable. This process is not so complicated.

In such a situation, you can not do without a passport (label), which should be attached to the double -glazed window. It is provided by the company that was engaged in mounting your window. If you have this document, then you must certainly call any of the firms that are engaged in the manufacture of windows from plastic. Dote your information and after two to three days you will be given a new double -glazed window.

Completely spinning with the repair and do not have time to gather the child to school? No problem! Mandatory medical certificate for the school from the clinic can be quickly and effectively obtained at the Medical Consulting Center “Med ° Norm”. Here you will not find queues, but only highly qualified doctors who will come to your aid.

If this document is absent, it does not matter, you need to act in the same way, only you will be forced to invite a specialist in measurement. In other things, you can make it with your own hands, but this is not the best way out, in this situation. It is better to entrust this to professionals, t. To. Having made at least the slightest mistake, you risk creating a bunch of problems for yourself.

Do not panic, if suddenly the glass crashes or a small crack appears on the double -glazed window, especially when the frost is on the street, it’s not scary, everything can be corrected. Glass can be sewn with plywood, for the period of time, which will take to replace the glass. Then you can call a person by measurement.

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