Advantages of metal -plastic pipes

The advantages of metal -plastic pipes are that they are sufficiently gestured and durable, and are not inferior in quality to steel pipes. They also do not form scale, and have a little weight, and still have resistance to corrosion. This type of pipe also has a certain flexibility, so that you can choose the form you need. As a rule, they can withstand the temperature of approximately ninety -five degrees Celsius, and besides pressure up to ten atmospheres. Their service life is also quite high. Depending on the conditions in which their operation occurs, they can last even up to fifty years.

When connecting metal -plastic pipes, thread cutting, and welding work is excluded. In order to connect such pipes, a compressor method is used. To carry out installation, you need a minimum set of special tools, and shaped parts. Shaped parts, as well as fittings, as a rule, are made of brass. Metal -plastic pipes have a standard thread, like all other pipes. To connect metal -plastic pipes, usually use a rug nut, and a fitting. The main advantage of metal -plastic pipes lies in their mobility, even when they are in a pressed state. And the conduct of engineering surveys can be ordered without leaving home.

The installation of metal-plastic pipes itself does not need any preliminary fit, and it can be carried out right on the spot. Installation can be carried out as follows: the pipe is cut off using special scissors, the chamfer is removed, and with the help of a special tap, the pipe hole is destroyed. It is very important at this stage of work, it will be convinced that after the diameter of the pipe has been broken down, it must be in accordance with the diameter of the completed fitting. After this stage of operation was completed, you need to put on a rug nut on a metal -plastic pipe, and a fitting must be inserted into the processed hole, and then tighten the connection.

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