A weather vapor like a final bar

Well -groomed manor, reliable fence and solid house. It seems that everything is provided, but only one small “highlight” is missing – a flood on the roof. It is the weather vane that will give a special flavor to build, will become its final “stroke”.

The weather vane can be large and small. Large weather vane (450-750 mm) is designed for installation on the roof of the house. Small weather vane (from 300 to 500mm) looks organically on the gazebo, summer house, utility buildings.

Workshop creating outbuilding on individual orders – a good idea for home business.

The master will be needed: cuts, poinsons and chisels, suprafili, files, metal scissors. You can’t do without a drill, drill, warden key, leaks. You should also stock up on combined rivets, washers, bearings. The best sliding and durability is provided by metal-graphite bearings.

For the manufacture of the housing, trimming of a water pipe 1.4 cm is suitable, and sheets of galvanized iron or copper as a material for figures are a material for figures. We also need polyester paint with increased resistance to atmospheric precipitation. Persian enamel looks spectacular. Copper weather vane do not paint.

In the event that the installation of products is also included in the order price, you will need a compass.

In order to attract customers, you should make several original samples, photograph and place images on sites and in places allotted for ads and advertising. Well have a colorful catalog of sketches. Original sketches can be created using special disks with drawings for the CorelDraw program. Drawings can be easily printed on a printer. The sketch is applied to the metal sheet, circled with a marker and cut through the metal with scissors. Steel sheets can be cut with plasma harsh, which requires special skills and costs.

You should also come up with colorful packaging for the finished product, so that they are purchased as an original gift. The price should be pleasantly different from other manufacturers. The cost will not be too high, so you can reasonably reduce the price.

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