The main types of roofing materials

Currently, four types of roofing materials can be distinguished.

The main difference between these types appears due to different foundations of roofing material, nature and methods of operation. The first type is a mastic roof. It is a membrane based on polymers. Mastic is applied directly to the surface of the roof, while the bulk method is applied. Because of this, the roof represents a monolith. This type of roof is quite stable against sharp temperature changes. By the way, now they often choose good stairs to order, they are inexpensively.

The second type of roof is sheet. It is separate sheets. The main material from which they are produced is slate or steel subject to galvanizing.

The third type of roof is roller. For its production, a variety of bitumen materials, as well as roofing material, peramin and others, are used as a basis.

This type of roof may not use enough for a long time. They are easily damaged when exposed to adverse weather conditions. Many manufacturers use various additives to improve qualities, such as fiberglass, polyester. Laying rolls is carried out in several layers, after which gluing is carried out.

The last type of roof is a membrane. In terms of its properties, it is very similar to a mastic roof, but it is worth noting the application of the simpler and the area is much larger than the area.

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