Strengthening the foundation

Strengthening the foundation

Buying a house outside the city, we do not always think about how it is arranged. And sometimes you have to pay for it. You will begin to notice the defects, only having lived for some time in this house, which can declare loudly about themselves and usually at the most not suitable moment.

Once on a sunny day you will climb for something under the house and you will see your foundation just glows through, there is a large number of cracks and how it is still all, and has not scattered. You should bite the soil from one side to confirm your unrest by one hundred percent. You have such a diagnosis.

In this case, alteration is urgently required, it was necessary to start strengthening the foundation. As an option, you can act as follows.

How is the strengthening of the foundation done?

Dig a ditch between the two support pillars, the depth of which will be approximately one meter. Make the width by yourself, that is, for your convenient movement. Carefully, during the work, remove the earth and the roots that may turn out to be between bricks. At the same time, leave the broken brick and clean sand in place.

To fasten the formwork, install the racks. Attach the upper ends of these supports to the overlap, fix the lower ends in the opposite wall of the ditch. You can use polished doors as shields of formwork from old furniture. At the same time, install them one on another as concrete fills. Concrete in the following order:

The first stage, casting the lower layer with a thickness of about ten centimeters, insert a steel grate between the shields and continue to fill in the concrete.

At the moment, until the concrete begins to grasp the next section, for example, from the pillar to the pillar. Do everything according to the same scheme, rearranging the formwork. So in turn you will pass the entire perimeter of the structure.

Not very difficult, the whole work is done so.

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