Is it possible to protect the windows using a rolllet

Rolls – a modern way to protect window openings. It is widely used not only for windows, but also for doors of country houses and cottages. The design of the rolllet, or rolled, is a mechanical device, which is distinguished by a special rigidity of the structure and strength. For a country house, you can also buy granite paving stones.

Steel rallies are considered the most durable, but they are quite heavy and require a more powerful engine to control. Another drawback is the protective enamel that is not held on steel elements and abrasions.

Based on all of the above, it becomes clear why the roller shutters made of aluminum are in great demand. Aluminum is an environmentally friendly material not subject to corrosion and negative effects of bad weather. On aluminum lamellas, it is not required to apply protective enamel, just cover them with polymer varnish. Its main goal is an aesthetic appearance and additional protection against atmosphere effects.

Rolls can be made either by extrusion or by roller rolling. The similarity lies in the fact that the manufacturing technology in any case is based on the use of polyurethane foam, which prevents the product from bending.

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