How to competently make isolation in a country house

As a rule, isolation is understood to mean insulation of a wooden house, as well as its protection against moisture, or waterproofing. Insulation must be carried out in order to reduce thermal losses through the plane of walls, enclosing structures and other structural elements of the structure. To do this, you need a special seal, with which all the cracks are closed and voids are filled, as well as insulations are often lined with walls. However, the effectiveness of any insulation is increased by special impregnation, which will be protected by a living wooden structure from the effects of atmospheric precipitation, as well as increased humidity. This is very important for electrical wiring, lighting and all kinds of lamps. You can see the lamps more about the lamps here. This moment must be taken into account, since the wet insulation conducts heat much better, in addition, the wet insulation is an excellent environment for the emergence and development of various fungi and mold. The emergence and development of fungi and mold in the most negative way can affect precisely on wooden houses, it is known that wood is subject to rotting. In other words, we can say that heat and waterproofing are necessary not only to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in a wooden house, but also to preserve the entire structure of the building.

Wood, when compared with other building materials, is distinguished by excellent thermal insulation properties. But you can not forget about the special protection of the interventional seams of the walls of a wooden log house, and it should also be remembered that the wood when changing its humidity changes its volume and linear dimensions, that is, we can say that the wooden house is constantly in the dynamic movement, as a result of which between the logs logs can form cracks.

In addition, cracks may occur in the logs of the wooden log house, through which cold air from the street will penetrate into the living room. Specialists call the seal between the crowns of wooden logs a hemp, this is one of the most time -consuming construction operations in the process of erecting a chopped wooden residential building.

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