Self-leveling floors

The bulk floor is a certain type of floor screed, in which self -growing and rapidly adequate mixtures are used. Quick -adapting and self -growing compounds include self -leveling mixtures for floors. These mixtures are designed to align the bases from various materials.

To prepare a self -leveling mixture, it is necessary to do the following. You need to take the package of a dry mixture and mix it with cool water. How to breed properly, you can see in the instructions. Keep in mind that the mixture must be poured into the water while stirring. For better mixing, you can use a drill equipped with a special nozzle. The prepared solution must be used immediately.

Pour the prepared solution manually. The mixture is poured out of the container with stripes parallel to the wall, 30-50 cm wide. Since the prepared solution must be used immediately, it is best to work together: one person will pour the mixture, and the other, at this time, interfere with the next portion. Self -enforcing mixture under the influence of its own gravity fills any bumps. And the excellent quality and ease of use of these mixtures, even for beginners, made the bulk floors very popular.

Using nanotechnologies in warm floors

Homemade warm floor will forget about home slippers and carpet coating. The creation of such comfort can do a special film with a thickness of 0.3 mm. Such a film can be laid yourself in a short period of time.

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