Asphalt or paving slabs

There is always a choice in front of the buyer, which product to purchase? To make the right choice, respectively, you should weigh all the pros and cons, minuses and pros, study all options. We have a choice between asphalt and paving slabs.

Consider the first factor – this is environmental friendliness. Here, of course, tile manufacturers tell us that it is made of environmentally friendly materials, does not heat up in the sun, and also does not emit harmful substances. And if you take asphalt, we all know that it allocates a lot of bituminous resins when smelting on the sun from the surface..

The second factor in comparison of these materials can be called – economy. The asphalt is laid once, it can be put again, if you start the laying process all over again, and the tiles can be laid several times, it is very easy to dismantle and transport. The tile is made much faster than the asphalt, I also want to mention that there will never be stagnant puddles on the tile if the drainage is correct. The tiles are diverse and has a different design, but it requires care. And asphalt is cheap material compared to tiles. When laying in one layer, small -sized vehicles can withstand, and if in two layers, then heavy vehicles.

The third parameter compared to paving slabs and asphalt is aesthetics. Everything is briefly and clear here, if you say about the tile, then the manufacturers in the production of this material when painting use pigments that do not allow you to affect the tiles of weather conditions and temperatures, which we cannot say about asphalt. In addition, the tile does not lose its color, and there is nothing to say about the color palette of asphalt. The result is one, the choice is always yours.

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