How to independently replace water supply systems

Nowadays for water supply systems, steel pipes are the most common. They are two types: seamless and welded. Seamless ones are more expensive in value, but they are considered more reliable. There are also pipes without anti -corrosion coating, and with it. At the basis of their own, in the role of such a coating, they use nothing more than zinc spraying. Such pipes do not need priming or painting, the exception is only those places where there are rifled threads. There should be treated with paint, or a primer, because it is poorly protected from corrosion.

The fact is that steel is the strongest alloy, which is obtained due to iron and carbon. People who approach the repair and replacement of water supply wisely choose steel pipes. And it’s all just like that. They are durable and very reliable when used in extreme conditions. The pipes that are made of steel are based on their own, using threading threads, flanges and, among other things, use welding.

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