Bamboo wallpaper

More and more people think about the environmental friendliness of housing and choose natural materials for its decoration. Bamboo wallpapers from this number are distinguished by unsurpassed environmental purity and durability, and with competent care will last from five to one ten years.

This type of wallpaper has become very popular, especially over the past years, but this does not surprise at all. After all, they seem to be outwardly and unpretentious, but the interior is decorated unusually and original. By the way, such wallpapers are often used in the decoration of baths and bathrooms. Baths from a beam can afford everyone inexpensively, especially at this time of the year.

However, completely, cover the walls with them and, all the more, to make a panel or curtain from bamboo, you should not. You will not want to get the effect of the “sauna”, which comes out with an abundance in the decoration of the tree. It is more reasonable, bamboo panels or thin sheets to emphasize individual sections and elements of the rooms, laying them on top of a plain base. The originality of the figure will contrast with the severity of the main design, giving identity, brightness and interestingness.

Making bamboo panels with varnishes and naturalness of supporting racks provide hydrophobis, therefore they are wonderful for kitchens. Bamboo wallpaper prices can cause bewilderment of high cost, but in limited quantities are quite acceptable. The calculation is carried out in one linear meter and they ask for it from $ 15 to $ 20. Believe me, for true beauty it is inexpensive!

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