Beneficial qualities of barberry plants what you need to know

Barberry, a tall and thorny shrub, which originally grown in hot regions of Africa, Europe and Asia, over time, migrated to other continents, significantly expanding its range.

The undeniable value of Barbaris is primarily due to its useful properties, about which people have become known since time immemorial. Traditionally, Barbaris’s medicinal raw materials are considered leaves and root, however, the therapeutic effect has a bark of shrub.

The advantage of barberry is the presence of an alkaloid Berberin in it, which copes with pain with cholecystitis and gallstone disease and promotes the outflow of bile. In addition, Berberin has the ability to reduce blood pressure.

All parts of the shrub can be insisted

All parts of the shrub can be insisted. The resulting infusion will help at high temperature and to combat microbes. The tannins that make up the barberry cortex help with gum inflammations.

A decoction of barberry root is used to cleanse the liver, for inflammatory processes in the spleen, hepatitis, conjunctivitis and boils. The leaves of the barberry bush contain indispensable vitamins C and E, and in the flowering period – essential oil.

Barberry leaves: their decoction

Barberry leaves were used in gynecology: their decoction is prescribed for women in the postpartum period and with bleeding associated with inflammatory processes in appendages.

A decoction of leaves copes with bleeding with a peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum and dysentery. Barberry leaves have a sour taste, similar to the taste of sorrel, and can be added by the mistresses to soups and salads.

Ripe fruits of barberrys a storehouse of beneficial elements

The ripe fruits of barberrys are a storehouse of useful elements: it is sugar, carotene, citric acid, vitamin K, which is responsible for blood coagulation, vitamin C, pectin, mineral salts and tannins. For their antipyretic capacity, the sour berries of Barberis are called the “northern lemon”. In addition, the infusion of barberry fruits excellently quenches thirst, increases appetite, promotes gastric juice release. The infusion of berries of barberry can rinse your mouth in gum diseases. Barberry berries are universally used in cooking in the preparation of juices, jam, pastille, seasonings for various dishes.

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