What implies overhaul?

The walls began to crumble, the floor fell under your feet, sparkle and click the sockets. You undoubtedly have to think about major repairs. But what to think there – you need to do repairs, and I’m afraid that cosmetics can no longer be done here.

Although, if desired, everyone can make cosmetic repairs of apartments inexpensive. And having bought the old one – you, of course, will want to do everything for yourself, and someone else’s bathroom is unlikely to like to use. And pulling in one thread, a whole ball is unwound. Therefore, here the best choice would be major repairs.

Overhaul is the most serious and thorough stage of work. Respectively, and the longest and expensive. But do not immediately scare and return to cosmetics. Overhaul is made, as a rule, once for a long time, and then they only update cosmetic and introduce diversity. The main difference between major repairs is that everything that can be dismantled as much as possible.

All communications are completely changing. It makes sense to make such a repair in old houses. In new buildings, even if you want to radically change everything, there will be enough deep cosmetic repairs. Also here, all work is performed according to a pre -prepared design project.

Remember, if you lay linoleum in pieces, one segment on the other is placed over 2 cm, glued, and then only the excess is cut off. At the transitions to coatings from other materials, the joints are closed with narrow rocks. The joints of the room are sealed with “cold welding”. You can fix the skirting board. It remains to gently bring and install the furniture so as not to break the new coating.

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