Bamboo wallpaper features of gluing

A great option for wall decoration can be bamboo wallpapers with a lot of positive qualities. Firstly, they are practical to use. Secondly, environmentally harmful, thirdly, it is easy to care for them.

The only small minus that accompanies everyone who prefers this decor option is a way to glue, as it requires a slightly non -standard approach. But knowing the small rules and recommendations, you can turn this minus into plus.

There is an instruction on each packaging of wallpaper, it is necessary to carry out everything as it is written on the package.

Glue can be applied to the surface of the wallpaper only evenly, in other cases you can encounter a problem such as air bubbles.

Cutting such wallpapers is quite difficult, so it is better to purchase special scissors. In no case can you use a grinder, since it can damage the base of the wallpaper.

Before gluing the wallpaper, it is necessary to let them lie in the room where they are intended. This is necessary so that they can get the level of humidity that is in the room.

The walls must have a flat and clean surface, without the residues of old wallpaper, colors and bumps. Remember that the most important thing is to do everything gradually and slowly, and then your room will delight you with your unusual interior!

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