How to build a pool yourself?

Once the pool was considered the subject of luxury for people and not everyone could afford such a luxurious pleasure. Everything changes over time. Now we can purchase inflatable pools for children. But it’s not about that. We will talk about a real pool without buying an expensive installation pool. How to save money and make it yourself?

Before you start, you need to think over in which place you can build. It is better to choose a free sunny place so that the water pool can warm up faster. It will also be advisable to place it closer to the water source to fill the pool or after purchase a hose.

After that, you need to dig a pit. Determine its sizes by your preferences. The optimal depth of the pool is 1.50-1.60 m, that is, at the level of the neck of an ordinary person. Form smooth walls and bottom, cleaning it from the roots. It is desirable to make the bottom inclined for convenient drainage of water.

It is important that the water in the pool is always clean! To do this, during the season it will be necessary to drain the water several times. You can lay a waste pipe just above the bottom if you are not going to use water pumping.

Now let’s take up the lining of the bottom and walls. A greenhouse film is suitable at this moment, which is better to put in several layers and connect them among themselves. Leave for stock and do not pull it strongly.

OK it’s all over Now! The pool is ready! Additionally, it can be laid out with tiles, as well as decorative stones and other suitable means. Use cement mortar, adding liquid glass to it to give tightness. After that, he turns out to be much stronger and more beautiful.

Do not forget to periodically change water! Preferably 3-4 times a month.

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