Features of cable heating systems what to take into account

Today, many people want to have a warm surface under their home, especially in the offseason, when heating is not yet turned on. For such a goal, the cable heating system is perfect. The cable system is mounted very simply due to the fact that special cables have a small section and do not increase the thickness of the floor surface. Features of cable systems. To heat the floor, resistive and self -regulating cables, as well as zonal systems are used. The most affordable price is a resistive cable. In fact, this is a pair of conductors covered with insulation. The section of the cable is flat, which provides excellent contact with the surface, which needs to be heated. The only negative is that the cable has a standard length and it cannot be cut. By the way, before conducting the cable system of heating the mattress, here you need to put in another place. After all, now on the market mattresses are not cheap, especially after repairing the apartment of extra money for a new mattress.

For the production of zonal heating systems, high resistance alloys are used. When designing these systems, it is necessary to take into account the “multiplicity” of zones, because they consist of two parallel connected heating zones. Self -regulatory cable is the safest. It independently changes power depending on the temperature in the room. Very well protected by two -layer insulation, so not subject to damage. Thanks to the plastic matrix, in which the wires are placed, self -regulating systems can be cut, which allows them to be laid in any room.

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