Wooden windows from pine

Today, already widespread plastic windows have begun to displace a wooden window from the market. Of course, the old designs of wooden windows are out of place financially and morally, and the plastic windows, thanks to their characteristics, satisfy all the needs of customers. In addition, plastic windows of which are suitable for any window openings are very convenient in installation. Their only drawback is the production of artificial materials.

Now windows made of glued beams come to the windows market. This material, thanks to the appropriate technology, does not dry out and is not deformed. Therefore, frames from glued beams are no worse in terms of indicators than plastic frames. They are equipped with modern fittings, seals. In them you can install modern double -glazed windows, the same as in plastic windows. In addition, such windows are wooden, which means environmentally friendly.

Modern wooden windows are produced from many types of wood. The most optimal option for choosing material for wooden frames is pine. This is a very affordable and inexpensive material. However, pine wood is of excellent quality and appearance. It is very easily processed and tinted in any color. The presence of resin in this material determines the resistance of pine wood to decay and fungi. The resin in itself is an antiseptic, so the life of the pine products is quite high.

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