Choosing automatic garage gates

The choice of automatic gates has to face many. All modern garage gates are characterized by the successful fulfillment of their main functions: this is the protection of the garage premises from the possible penetration of attackers and ensuring the necessary conditions for carrying out comfortable repair and maintenance of the car. The difference between the automated garage gates, which occurs mainly by the type of design. Structurally, they can be rolled, sectional, lifting and horsing, sliding and swinging. Each type of automatic gate is characterized by a detailed description.

The main parts of the roller gate are represented by a canvas made of metal lamellas, console, guide tires and shaft. In the process of opening the roller gate, there is a movement of up the metal canvas along the guides and winding it on the shaft, which is fixed above the gateway (usually from the inside of the garage). If there is a small gate area, the lamella canvas can be raised using a manual drive, but usually to open and close the roller gate use the use of a drive with an electric motor (in this case, a possible “manual” opening is maintained). Electric drive can be carried out both remotely and using the remote control panel.

Rolled gates resembling roller shutters are considered the most optimal option, in the presence of limited free space at the entrance to the garage. The opening process takes place in a vertical plane, and for entering transport, a tight press is possible to the gate canvas. In addition, in the winter, there is no need to clean the snow in front of the garage. In any case, before the manufacture and installation of garage roller gates will be ordered, you will need to determine what quality their quality should prevail: reliability or thermal insulation.

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