Compact and economical saunas for different rooms

Doctors proved that regular visit to the bathhouse has a beneficial effect on the general state of the body. Therefore, lovers will catch up, every year, there are more and more. Along with the bath, the sauna is in great demand. In the modern world, if the possibilities do not allow to build a sauna in a separate room, then it can be built in a house or even in a bathroom, an ordinary apartment.

According to experts, the installation of a purchased built-in sauna-banani is most popular. It is a wooden booth with a built -in heater. If you buy such a mini sauna for a country house or cottage, then you can additionally purchase a stove or an electric wooden bathhouse for it and a stove for it.

The front of work is calculated depending on whether the finished sauna is bought, which only needs to be assembled on the spot or the sauna will be built on an individual order. The finished cabin of the sauna is assembled from panels that are conveniently transported and mounted. The panels for the finished sauna are lined with lining on both sides.

Mineral wool, fiberglass -based insulation or pressed traffic jam are used to ensure reliable thermal insulation. In addition, the doors should also be tight. This can be achieved by installing a three -stage door or using a silicone seal if the door is glass. Basically, the finished sauna is installed in the bathroom, by attaching to one of the walls. To ensure normal ventilation, there should be a gap of 5 cm between the sauna and the wall of the room. Those who want to install a sauna in the bathroom of an ordinary apartment should understand that they will have to sacrifice the bathroom and limit themselves to a shower.

Baths are made from different wood species. Often uses Scandinavian spruce and pine, cedar or Hemlock. In order not to burn, everything concerns the person: support for the back, armrests, stands under the feet, it is desirable that the Abashi African tree, which has low thermal conductivity, otherwise, otherwise you should arrange a towel.

It must be remembered that the standard 220 V is enough to heat a single sauna with a stove up to 4 kW. For large saunas, it will take at least 380 kW and the supply of a three -phase current. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, experts advise not to include a sauna during heating, any other household appliances. According to technical recommendations, the stove for the sauna is selected, given the size of the room at the rate of 1 kW per 1 meter cubic and the possibility of installing one or another stove in the sauna.

The country house allows you to install a wood stove in the bathhouse, but at the same time you need to take into account the long time to warm up the room. The plus of a wooden stove is that it holds the temperature longer, and humidity, in a steam room with such a stove, gains the necessary level faster.

Having a convector type of heating, an electric heifer in just 40 minutes heats the air to 85-90 ° C. Stones, in such a stove, are heated by a plane that is protected from moisture using a special coating.

The ability not to burn oxygen, protection of the case from heating, as well as the presence of automatic shutdown, makes this type of heater the safest and recommended for use in the saunas.

You should also pay attention to the fact that special stones are used for stone furnaces, for example, volcanic perididitis, Karelian Kabbro Diabase or Scandinavian diabase. The use of other stones can lead to cracking and damage to people or premises.

Today, manufacturers offer a huge selection of accessories for the sauna. In terms of equipping the sauna, a variety of lamps, hygrometers, thermometers, ears, buckets, etc. are offered. D. Well, for a lover of a bathhouse – hats, towels, sets for a sauna for men and for women, etc. D.

Naturally, what kind of sauna without aromic masels or broom. It is nettles, oak, birch, eucalyptus, etc. D. The positive effect of the broom on the body is in phytoncides, which are released when impacts with a broom. These substances detrimental to pathogens, and also improve the metabolism.

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