What is all the same in the hallway?

Closed clothing cabinets have become very popular now. They are largely convenient, for example, clothes do not catch your eye. But at the same time, there are disadvantages, like the fact that after rain it is not convenient to hang clothes there, or a large number of guests leads to the fact that clothes simply do not fit into it.

In addition, an open hanger, “overgrown” with clothes, serves as a good reminder living in the apartment that many things are not worn at the moment and they can be removed.

The choice of mirror for the hallway is also important. It can be a hinged mirror, oval, curly, or rectangular shapes. But such mirrors are not very practical, they do not allow you to see themselves in full growth. There is an alternative option for buying a cabinet with a mirror on the door, in full height. But it is suitable for apartments with a small number of people and without pets, since the lower part of the mirror is quickly polluted. There is a third option – this is a combined door. In this case, the lower part is made from the panel, and the top of the mirror canvas.

Do not forget about a separate shoe so that when coming home to work, there is where to put dirty shoes. After all, you can’t put it in the closet.

For convenience, you can install not a large nightstand that can be used in order to put gloves or put a phone.

If there are children in the house, you need to take this into account, and make different clothes for clothes. So that they do not have to stretch, hanging their clothes.

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