How to cover forged products what to take into account

The use of forged products as jewelry of rich houses and in the form of a method of protection from enemies has been carried out for many centuries. Currently, forged cold weapons are made more for decorative purposes, but the elements of artistic forging, like interior details, are gaining more and more popularity every day.

The presence of such items indicates the subtle taste and high status of their owners. Art forging items are able to serve more than one generation, but to extend the period of their use, it is necessary to use special protective coatings and care products.

Currently, forged products can have two types of protective coating. The first type includes powder coating. Usually it is used to protect objects of “home” use that are not subject to significant effects of external atmospheric factors. Such items include various elements of furniture, candlesticks, forged details of stairs, wall jewelry, etc. D.

The manufacture of such a coating is carried out by applying powder paint to the surface of a forged product by aerosol spraying. The presence of a slight layer of such paint allows you to reliably protect the product from mechanical damage, as well as give the subject you like. The powder paint used is completely environmentally friendly, since it does not contain a solvent, so the products processed can be placed even in the children’s room.

Products that are constantly or temporarily in the open air need more reliable protection that prevents the appearance of corrosion. In such cases, zinc technology is used. The coating received in this case is quite resistant and does not allow the occurrence of metal oxidation processes.

The main drawback of this method is the deterioration of the appearance of the forged product. Therefore, in order to give a noble appearance to forged products, after galvanizing they must be additionally painted, but only after passing six months after processing, since, otherwise, the paint applied quickly cracked. It should be remembered that zinc for fireplaces cannot be used, since under the influence of high temperatures, zinc selects harmful substances into the atmosphere.

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