Mosquito grids for the home what to pay attention to when buying

Currently, a huge variety of mosquito nets is presented on the modern market. All nets differ in their type, color, cost and other characteristics. The most common types of mosquito nets include frame nets, roller, sliding and swinging. In addition to these species, there are others, however, the listed types of nets are the most popular today.

The most common among the listed are frame mosquito nets. Currently, this type of net is installed on any windows (plastic, aluminum or wooden). Of course, we can say that this type of net has become a classic among everyone else. By the way, the air receiver is now very popular now, they usually buy it together with specialists.

In addition, frame mosquito nets are used today both in residential premises and in office. After all, such nets differ in their strength and ease of use.

Less in demand, but no less popular today roll mosquito nets. The very design of such nets using opening technology resembles roller. This design is very convenient for use in cases where it is often necessary to free the window opening in a short time. The mesh movement itself always occurs in the vertical plane.

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