Criteria for choosing office furniture what to take into account

You plan to buy office furniture? We offer several simple rules that will greatly simplify the task and save you from unnecessary costs and troubles.

Office furniture, as one of the main elements of the organization’s image and as the key to the psychological and physical comfort of the office employees in the process, must correspond to certain qualities. Office furniture should be beautiful, durable, stylish, ergonomic. Good furniture saves the office space, quickly understands and gathers. Also, an important factor is the material from which office furniture is made. Natural, ecologically clean tables, chairs, cabinets and shelves (no matter how trite it sounds) – the key to health, which means the high labor productivity of office employees.

To buy office furniture, you must first take into account the size of the premises, the number of office employees, the expected number of visitors to this premises, the volume of office equipment. You also need to decide on the amount that you can spend on this purchase. In our furniture market, the cheapest workplace in the office costs about $ 200. This includes a desktop, chair, rolling cabinet and paper cabinet. Thus, buying office furniture in an average office (5 employees) will cost you about $ 1000.

It is best to buy office furniture from the manufacturer; If this is not possible, choose the seller who is the official representative of the manufacturer. The quality of office furniture does not always depend on the manufacturer. The high cost also cannot be a guarantee of quality, but too cheap furniture should also not be bought. High -quality office furniture should be constructively thought out, it should be comfortable, ergonomic and durable, have a natural smell. The corners, by the way, should be rounded. Ideal office furniture should provide various job configurations and integrate into any room. Asymmetric, curved tables with rounded corners are now popular. Such furniture and space will save, and from an aesthetic point of view will qualitatively complement and “dilute” the office “severity”.

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