How to get rid of a creaking of a wooden floor

It annoys many when when walking on a wooden floor, it creaks. Most, and walks on such a floor, without even thinking that it can be repaired.

In overwhelming quantities of cases when the floor creaks, it is not necessary to be a specialist to start repairs.

First you need to establish the cause of the creak, and only then choose the method of eliminating it. The most common cause of creak is the drying of the boards and the appearance of cracks, between them and the lags. There is also a creak with a change in the horizon of the floor, which manifests itself when the sludge of the building occurs. Boards nailed or screwed to the lags are bent in this case, which also leads to the occurrence of cracks.

In the case of drying, you can use powder materials, such as graphite or talc, which is inserted into the gap, and is tamped, the cement mortar is also well suited. Then it is necessary at an angle to the surface of the board (not perpendicular), drive out nails, retreating from the edge. Self -tapping screws are better for this, since over time when walking on the floor, the boards are shaken, which leads to the crawry of nails. When violating the horizon, you will have to replace the board, but if the curvature is not strong, then you can do as well as with drying. After this procedure, it is necessary to equalize the surface of the repaired board, with the surface of the boards surrounding it. For this purpose, a rubble or other similar tool is used. At the end, the heads of nails and screws are smeared with putty, and after its drying is grinded.

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