The undoubted advantages of drywall include its sound permeability

The soundproofing of drywall is increased not only due to its multi -layer, but also the structure of the layer. The structure of light material based on foamed gypsum, with the additions of minerals that have a fibrous structure, gives the internal core of special qualities in sound insulation.

The thickness of the drywall leaf plays a positive role in soundproofing than a thin one, which, accordingly, is better.

The depth of the frame space, the factor that determines the thickness of the air gap also means a lot to sound insulation of the wall. To improve the effect, the space between drywall and the wall, inside the frame structure, is filled with mineral wool or foam. Thus, they achieve high indicators in sound insulation.

Sealing joints between sheets and flooring is also one of the conditions of soundproofing. If, for example, a drywall sheet adjacent to the floor, not with a slot, but with a gap, it is advisable to be covered with a construction bandage and fill it with sealant, even if it closes with a baseboard, otherwise this place will become a “bridge” for sound permeability.

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