With our own hands, we set the heating system

New heating plants that work today in most cases use polyethylene pipes with or without aluminum inserts, with varying degrees of Polybuten stitching for transporting heat of still water heating boilers, which were installed in the prefabricated, and they need normal operation of the installation (the degree of factory readiness stops about 50,000-60.000 values ​​w).

• Installation of the system is the most accessible using polyethylene pipes for hot water transport through the plant, and if the installation requires the update of the skirting board. When installing concrete floors, it is advisable to lay pipes in a certain protective corrugated pipe. This version is reliable in operation if you do not mind that before the screed, the pipe is protected from various accidents that may occur.

• Another aspect, you can not ignore the accident. About interference in the case of a broken pipe, the pipe is mounted. Protection can be removed and replaced, mounted directly on the concrete field when one has no alternative. The installation of a skirting board is used when you want to update heating in a populated house of ordinary life.

Heat from boilers

• Heat: individual boiler houses have much less fuel consumption than heating systems. Thus, savings are achieved, there is a bill of service.

From the current centralized distribution of heat and hot water in apartments, energy saving is 60-70%. In addition, special boilers are unsafe in operation, due to the high level of automation and reduction in carbon emissions and nitrogen oxides, in the conditions of maximum efficiency.

Location conditions:

• Rules for establishing an accurate location of thermal conditions, as a standard for the development and implementation of central heating – 113 // 1998. The standards consistently meet the designer and heating contractor.

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