Change floors the choice of flooring

Make the right choice to replace the floor in the room is extremely difficult. It can be natural or synthetic carpets, wood or skilled imitation, linoleum or laminate. Recall also that the basis for any modern coating should be smooth and even. Otherwise, money spent on expensive and fashionable flooring will be unsuccessfully used.

There are several ways to achieve the ideality of the surface of the basis for the flooring. For example, cement screed and wooden lags. The methods are fundamentally different. The most common cement screed and self -leveling bulk floors. In the houses of the 70s almost everywhere there is a cement screed. In older rooms, concrete slabs were used, wooden lags and boards blocked by organ. From above, such a structure was covered with linoleum. If desired, you can “get to the bottom” and find out what your gender consisted of. After such excavations, it’s time to decide on the choice of coating. If you want to make linoleum, then you, in addition to linoleum itself, will also need glue for linoleum. It is most likely the idea to put the boards on the floor, really evaluating the cost of the repair, you will be lost. And it is right! Modern linoleum excellently imitates prestigious flooring, such as parquet board, carpet or Qinovka. Marmoleum is considered one of the environmentally friendly materials.

Linoleum production uses exclusively natural materials and components in the manufacture process. The era of the origin of linoleum is a distant 17th century. The patented oiled canvas, consisting of a mixture of linseed oil, resin and bee wax, then made a dense flooring on the floor-the prototype of the modern flooring.

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