What to pay attention to when laying the foundation

Frame houses are very popular today. The construction of the frame house begins with the laying of the foundation. The laying of the foundation is not possible, it can be performed independently, but for this it is necessary to clearly follow the entire technology and many rules.

Before the start of the construction, the foundations need to choose its place, in other words, it will be determined by the position of the construction of the construction. After that, you need to carefully prepare the entire area that will be used for construction. In the course of this, it will be necessary to clean it of garbage, trees, herbs and other extraneous elements, as well as align it if there are strong irregularities on this area. The next stage in the construction of the foundation is its marking and digging the moat. At the end of excavation, it is required to build a reinforcing frame inside the moat, but before that you need to fill up the bottom of this moat with sand and compact it. Further, the construction of the formwork is required, which is most often made from the forest or moisture -resistant plywood. Well, the last stage of the foundation laying is concrete filling. Particular attention is required at this stage, since it is necessary that the concrete solution spreads evenly throughout the pit and fills the entire ditch and formwork space. Then it remains only to wait for the solidification of concrete and carefully remove the formwork.

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