What is the slabs from Louisiana

The North American Corporation Louisiana was organized in 1973. The market segment, which for more than 20 years conquered the corporation, is the manufacture of siding, heaters, strict and glued construction products, including OSB. In the two thousand years, more than 5,000 people worked for the corporation both in North America (USA, Canada, Peru), and in South America (Brazil, Chile).

The head office of the corporation is located in Tenessa, in the city of Nashville.

The volume of annual production of the oriented-brown slab is impressive-more than 15 million cubic meters, which is more than 20 percent of the global volume. Louisiana was the first to master the manufacture of a slab on an industrial scale. Currently, all corporation products are certified and complies with world standards.

Today Louisiana plates are a worthy competitor to the European OSB-3 in quality and even more so in price. After the euro has grown significantly, the domestic construction industry drew attention to North American manufacturers.

Features of appearance

In the assortment line from Louisiana, slabs with a coarse -grained surface are released. They are designed specifically to increase the safety of the material when using it under the slope. The corporation also produces wall panels imitating brick or masonry.

This material is well suited as a skin:

external and internal walls;



A plate with a thickness of 9.5 to 18 is exported to the Russian market.3 mm. One of the distinctive features of the panels is the ends painted red. This protective layer prevents water from getting into the material, and also makes plates clearly visible.

Louisiana plates composition

As raw materials, young wood is used, not used in the woodworking industry. To fasten the chips, which forms by pressing the slab, natural resins or water-based paints are taken, which avoids formaldehyde phenol.

Regardless of the raw materials used, all types of OSB-3 plates have equally high quality guaranteed by many years of production experience. Along with traditional advantages as strength, resistance to deformation and the effects of OSB moisture from Louisiana due to the use of a special formula, it has increased resistance to aggressive effects. A special composition, applied to the surface of the plate and penetrating inside, makes it not subject to insects, rodents and mold.

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