What is a liquid heat -insulating coating

The main reasons for heat loss in existing residential and industrial buildings, as you know, is the increased heat supply of wall structures, roof and basement. Additional external or internal thermal insulation of these structures is the main method of avoiding heat loss. The method of insulation of old buildings is based on the device of an additional heat -shield of walls from materials with high thermal insulation characteristics. The latest building material of insulation is a liquid ceramic heat -insulating coating. This type of insulating coating is distinguished by high thermal insulation properties, an increased degree of noise insulation, as well as additional waterproofing and anti -corrosion properties. This material is widely used for thermal insulation of the surfaces of roofs, walls of buildings, pipelines of heating mains, garages, loggias, glazed balconies, ventilation systems and much more. You need other thermal insulation materials? Then, for such species as Ekovata, the forum is located at Promecovata. .

In its consistency, liquid thermal insulation resembles ordinary paint. It is easy to apply to any surface, both with a brush and with a spray gun. After drying, it forms a strong polymer coating. The service life of the thermal insulation coating is at least 25 years. Liquid thermal insulation coating is a composition on water -based from acrylic polymers, which provides its low weight, increases flexibility and adhesion to any surfaces: metal, wood, plastic, concrete, brick, plaster and even galvanized tin.

The thickness of the layer, as not surprising, is only a few millimeters, which gives this material undeniable advantages in comparison with traditional heat -insulating materials, allowing to reduce the overall weight of structures, economically use the internal space, insulate such elements of the pipeline, taps, flanges, boilers, and boiler.

A number of enterprises are represented on the Russian market with their own line of liquid thermal insulation with various technical characteristics.

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